Have you completed your annual risk assessment?
  • Towards the end of 2021, appx. 183,333 scams and fraud spam phishing emails were sent every minute.
  • During the holidays, cyber attackers will use spam alerts about undelivered packages.
  • It continues to be common for cyber attackers to use important news events for phishing schemes.
    Criminals take advantage of the curiosity or panic that individuals feel in order to get them to quickly (without thinking) click on malicious emails or links.

In summary, 83% of organizations faced successful email-based phishing attacks last year.
And many don't even know it.


Is your staff alert enough all the time not to fall for these cyber attacks?

Is it possible it has already happened? (silent attack)

A breach of information is a mandatory HIPAA-reportable incident to patients and the government.



Easy HIPAA 3-step Program


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Step 2: Fill out plain English questionnaires.

Step 3: Based on your answers, we create the appropriate HIPAA tasks and documents.


The 3-step Program


Not an automated system! With the HIPAA360 program, our highly-trained and Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer will watch over your program. In other words, with HIPAA360 it's like having a compliance professional on retainer but without the high cost.

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Certified HIPAA Compliance Advisor

Your dedicated Certified HIPAA Compliance Advisor will support your internal HIPAA Compliance Officer to ensure everything is ready for audit or review on a moments notice.

A Comprehensive HIPAA Review

We assist with the complete setup or review of your existing program including completing the mandatory risk assessment.

HIPAA Compliance Policies

More than just templates. We apply best practices in developing customized (as required) policies and procedures specific to your operation.

HIPAA Compliance Guidance

Your Compliance Officer's questions and support requests answered by a Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer.

Workforce Training and Education

A training program that is specifically tailored to what your workforce needs to know to work at your organization.


One less regulatory compliance item to worry about.


All of the above and more are included.

All are managed by a CERTIFIED compliance professional.

All for less than $50 per week with no commitment.


Compare this to:

How much time will untrained staff spend to get/stay in compliance each week?

How much will the first hour of not being ready for an audit or having a security incident cost?

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