You want to be compliant and in control and operate your healthcare organization with confidence. Confidence that you will be ready in case of an audit and that you are protecting your healthcare organization by protecting your patients' information.


Here’s how the HIPAA360 service works (3 steps):

Sign up

Step 1 - Sign up for the HIPAA360 service and tell us a little about your healthcare organization. We'll schedule a telephone or video call to figure out what needs creating or updating to make sure you're current with applicable HIPAA regulations.

Information, Reviews

Step 2 - We will provide some questionnaires and begin to get to know the healthcare organization. (We will sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement.) Now your assigned Certified HIPAA Compliance Advisor will go to work and review the information provided to identify the potential compliance issues.

We go to Work!

Step 3 - Your assigned Certified HIPAA Compliance Advisor will schedule a call/meeting to discuss our findings with you and present the highlights of a customized plan for bringing your healthcare organization into compliance. We’ll address your pressing HIPAA compliance issues first, then take measures to ensure protection against any other related potential risks.

You are never alone! Our team, which has over 20 years of experience, will guide your team every step of the way, and answer every question you have to make sure you understand your healthcare organization's HIPAA compliance program. Even for complex issues like conducting an internal investigation, we’ll walk you through the risks of doing so and help you do so safely. And once you join HIPAA360, we’ll be available for all future HIPAA needs as long as you’re a member.


The idea. After being contacted over and over by smaller healthcare organizations that could not afford our HIPAA consultant to keep coming in to ensure compliance, we wanted to do something. We even tried to help by suggesting HIPAA self-help books and training courses but we knew at the end of the day, nothing would probably get done due to the complexity of doing it alone. So we developed the HIPAA360 service.

HIPAA360 truly believes small healthcare organizations should also have access to a real HIPAA support infrastructure since they are on the compliance "hook" just like larger organizations - but without the staffing and budgets.

That's what we do. And now, it's at a price that any healthcare organization will consider a "no brainer". (see Plans)

  1. Prevention is being proactive about your healthcare organization and your patients.
  2. Compliance and Information Security is not an expense, it's the foundation of any healthcare organization.
  3. Avoid thinking audits and data breaches will not happen to you. Everyone thinks it will happen to someone else and every hacked entity never thought it would happen to them.
  4. Enjoy peace of mind with demonstrable HIPAA compliance.

Bring your HIPAA concerns or issues to us. You’ll probably never worry about your HIPAA compliance program again. Right now you can start with the complete Compliance Package for only $199/mo.