HIPAA360 aims to solve ongoing healthcare compliance challenges by delivering high-quality, scalable cybersecurity, risk management, and HIPAA compliance solutions. We offer a product designed specifically to meet the needs of limited-budget healthcare organizations. Our mission as your strategic advisor and partner is to make the essential functions of privacy, security, and compliance easier and very affordable. We enable our clients to avoid preventable breaches, optimize their information security investments, and effectively meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

Our team members have been delivering compliance and technology solutions to the healthcare industry for over 18 years. We work together with our clients to gain visibility into the unique threats and vulnerabilities applicable to their healthcare organization and then leverage our expertise to develop and execute reasonable and appropriate action plans that improve information security and reduce risk to acceptable levels.

Our Compliance Officer | Chief Information Security Officer

Michael A. AliceaMichael A. Alicea is our HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance Officer. Michael directs all our programs which will actually be the foundation for your healthcare organization's program. Michael will watch over your program, so in other words, with HIPAA360, you get access to a highly-trained and Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer.



Michael's experience and certifications include the following: 

  • Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer (CHCO)
  • Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO)
  • Certified Officer Healthcare Compliance (OHCC)
  • Certified Healthcare Auditor (CHA)
  • Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist - Trainer (CHTS-TR)
  • CyberSec First Responder (CFR)
  • Certified Internal Forensic Healthcare Auditor (CIFHA)


  • CISA 405(d) Ambassador and Task Group Member
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) - A public-private partnership that is part of the effort to strengthen the cybersecurity posture of the Healthcare and Public Health sectors of the United States.
  • Cybersecurity Working Group Task Group Advisor
    A coalition of critical healthcare industry stakeholders working with government to address the most pressing security and resiliency challenges to the healthcare sector.


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