$199/MonthCompliance Package
$349/Month+ Cybersecurity

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Compliance package (includes)

New/Review HIPAA Program

A complete Gap Analysis (review and guidance) of your existing state of HIPAA compliance will allow you to fully assess how you may fare through a HIPAA audit if an OCR auditor walked in unexpected.

1 annual Risk Assessment / Analysis

A risk assessment identifies the risks to HIPAA compliance. A risk analysis assigns risk levels for vulnerability and the impact should they occur. The objective of assigning risk levels to each risk is so that risks with the potential to be most damaging can be addressed as priorities.

1 location Policies and Procedures

We take the time and guess work out of the process of developing and documenting policies and procedures that align with the HIPAA regulations. Your Policies and Procedures will be thorough, complete, and tailored to your healthcare organization.

Unlimited Training accounts

Each workforce member will get an account so that their understanding of HIPAA can be confirmed. Upon completion, the individual gets a certificate and the healthcare organization gets electronic records to demonstrate HIPAA training requirements compliance in the event of an audit.

Assigned Certified HIPAA Compliance Advisor

Your own dedicated Certified HIPAA Compliance Advisor to assist you with all aspects of your HIPAA program.

Unlimited HIPAA Q&A support

Your workforce's HIPAA questions answered as well as clarifications on all OCR guidance.

Remote IT Assist add-on (all the above plus)

2 hours Remote IT assist

Because Information Technology and HIPAA compliance are closely tied to each other, your healthcare organization can contact our IT technical support team for remote assistance with issues with their computing device.

Unlimited IT assist tickets

Sometimes workforce members simply need to ask a technical question. We provide your team with access to a support portal where they can ask all their technical questions.

1 annual Technical assessment

Potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars by comparing the cost of your existing technology with newer solutions. Not reviewing the cost of replacing technologies or changing vendors can lead to overpaying for services.

Technical Liaison

Finally, just one call to make. Our technical team can be the contact point with all your tech vendors (copiers, telecommunications, Internet, etc.). You will have one contact when something goes wrong. We understand and speak tech so we can easily deal with vendors who's first response is to blame another vendor.

1 annual Cyber Insurance application assistance

If you don't have cyberinsurance today, you will soon. Increase the likelihood of a claim being paid by having documented proof that you comply with the insurance company's requirements.

Cybersecurity add-on (all the above plus)

Third-party Risk Management Program

Are your Business Associates protecting your organization's information properly? A TPRM program ensures that you have provided appropriate guidance to, and received reasonable assurances from, your third-party providers.

Email Phishing Mitigation

Our solution to protect your healthcare organization from the fraudulent practice of incoming emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce your workforce to reveal sensitive information.

Workforce Cybersecurity Training

An education program whose main purpose is awareness training to change your workforce's habits and behaviors and to create a sense of responsibility and accountability so that they become the healthcare organization's first line of defense.

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